Sunday, 13 January 2013

In the beginning....

Hi everyone!

Well I have been thinking about heading into the blogging world for quite some time, so here I am!

A bit about me.....

I discovered cloth nappies after I had my second child.
I was a member of and people were raving about them on there.
I had always turned my nose up at cloth nappies. I was one of those mums who made comments like "Eewww no thanks! Too icky and too much work - no way will I ever use them!"
Yes really.......I was that uneducated and had no idea.
I kept hearing talk of minky and how cute it was and how much better they were than the nappies of old. And then I began to do some research.

WOW. Disposable nappies were not so disposable! While they were easy to use and could be thrown away, they were never really "disposed of", every disposable ever made was in fact still sitting around in landfill.
I was horrified, and not only that, I was sick of having no bin space due to it being 90% full of nappies!
So I took the plunge and brought some second hand nappies at first to see what all the fuss was about.
From the minute I opened my "fluffy mail" as us cloth nappy users like to call it, I was hooked!
From then on I brought a few nappies here and then when the budget allowed and tried all different brands to see which ones I preferred. Turns out, I'm not that fussed about brands, I love them all!
though these days I find myself reaching for the velcro nappies first cause that's how I roll ;)

So then I decided, man I have to tell everyone how good these are!
So I looked into being a nappy consultant. I found a retailer to take me on, and I got started spreading the word. After a while I was looking for something more to do from home, and couldn't get out to do demos as much as I liked, so in 2010 I decided to jump head first into opening my own store!

I started with a measly budget of $1000.
That money purchased a website, template, business name registration and stock! I didn't even have enough money left over to get business cards so at first I made my own.
It was very slow going to start with and took a lot of hard work to get the business noticed.

Anyway, fast forward and I'm due with baby #3.
I hope you'll follow me on the next chapter in my cloth nappy journey, where I hope to show you what fits best on my new little one and also to bring you lots of tips on not only cloth nappies but all the other fantastic baby products out there.

Stay tuned!